Taycan World Premiere – Interactive

Porsche presented its first fully electric production car to the pubic at three events that spanned the globe. The Focus of the events was renewable energy and the locations of the events where chosen to match the theme. In Germany the event was held at a solar power plant, in North America it was held next to hydro power damn. For China a beach on Pingtan Island was chosen, overlooking a wind farm. During the dramatic climax of the show, two giant doors swing open revealing the view onto each of the renewable power sources. For the event in China, RedRabbit designed, developed and produced two interactive modules. That the invited guests could engage with before and after the launch show. The first module was and miniature landscape with three cities. Using AR technology on an iPad, the user was able to see three renewable power stations, symbolizing the thee simulatious locations of the event. Using a wind meter attached to the headphone jack, the user was able to jumpstart each of the plants. The second module was an array of holographic fan displays highlighting the electric history of the Porsche brand. From the over 100 year electric history of Porsche, three cars where chosen. Each car played a key role in the development of the modern Taycan. Using hand gesture input, the user is able to rotate and explode the 3D car to view its electric drivetrain components.


Agency: Jack Morton